Amateur (Ham) Radio Tower & Call Sign Vinyl Decal (Side Call)

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Quality 4.5″ x 6.8″ Radio Tower & Call Sign (Side Call) Vinyl Car Window Decal Sticker with Eighteen Colors of vinyl to choose from.
Looking for the best Car Decals? You have found the best right here from N5RGD Graphics.
Not just limited to car windows, you can use them on any hard smooth surface like Fenders, Bumpers, Mirrors, Doors, Tool Boxes, Laptops whatever you like.
Get a couple extra for those things other than just your car or truck.

Easy Peel and Stick Installation (Instructions & Plastic Applicator included with decal)
FDC Lumina 4200 Vinyl is for outdoor (5+ years) and indoor use where a high quality film is needed for durability and resistance to sunlight.
Made in the USA by our Family Owned Business since 2004.
Decals have no background – The ‘White Portion’ in the image is the decal, the black or dark color represents your window or surface.
Decals Can Be installed on any hard smooth surface, window, body side panel, trunk lid, hood, laptop, mirror, tool box and more…

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