PSI 1479 Custom Pre-Inked Stamp

$24.95 each

Imprint area is 9/16″ x 3-1/4″

– Superior quality, sharp and crisp imprints.
– Reinkable Pre-Inked stamps.
– Won’t dry out or evaporate.
– Silent and requires minimum pressure to use.
– Ideal for commercial usage.
– Lifetime Warranty.
– We stand behind the quality of the stamps we sell.

PSI 1479 Pre-Inked offer the ultimate in convenience. This is the ultimate eco-friendly stamp produced by Low Emissions Manufacturing. PSI 1479 offers virtually noiseless operation, last 3-5 times longer than other pre-inkers on the market, can be re-inked for even more impressions and full size visible index label. Modern PSI Pre-Inking Stamps won’t get your hands messy like old-fashioned rubber stamps and ink pads did and the impressions are clean and accurate every time. Need a reproduction of your signature on thirty different pieces of paper a day? Not a problem with your PSI Pre-Inked Stamp!

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